Performance and Compliance Audits

Performance and Compliance Audits

Chute Technology provides comprehensive performance and compliance audits to accurately gauge current plant, transfer or operational performance, and determine where efficiencies can be gained.

Our audits analyse your operations in depth, and look at areas such as:

  • Excess wear
  • Thermal analysis
  • Throughput (tph)
  • Chute or other asset life
  • Spillage, waste and environmental performance
  • Safety and other compliance

Types of audits we can provide include:

Asset Audits

Whole-of-plant process audits benchmarked to Australia and global efficiency and ROI standards.

Total Transfer Audits

End-to-end process audits, locating deficiencies and potential gains, to provide individual problem-solving and complete process solutions benchmarked to industry and best practice standards.

Spillage and Waste Audits

Fault location and elimination solutions for critical areas of the production process, ranging from product lost and financial impact through to impact on water, sustainability, biodiversity and public health.

Conveyor Audits

Bringing to bear surface and underground expertise to benchmark processes to optimum standards for the type of material being handled, while going to the root of any technology and process shortfalls and areas of potential improvement to optimise cost-efficiency.

Environmental Performance Audits

Including key issues involved in each State’s Social Licence to Operate, including dust, water, noise and impact on community resources, climate change and long-term sustainability.

Compliance Audits

To ensure forward-focused awareness of and compliance with local, State and Global Safety, Environmental, Community, Public Health, Regulatory Changes and Quality of Operation Standards.

Automation and Industry 4.0 Audits

Automation of processes and integration of digital technology is essential to optimise performance, reduce risk and deliver asset health. Our audits give unique insights into these efficiencies, including predictive maintenance and asset monitoring initiatives with proven ROI.

Risk Management Audits

Focused on auditing current processes and practices potentially posing a physical company, community or insurance hazard now or potentially to do so in the future.