Our Partnerships

Chute Technology partners with leading organisations across Australia to deliver optimum project results through combining complementary skills.

Whether we are working with individual sites or with groups having their established suppliers, we work as a team that combines the preferences and capabilities required by the customer.

Some of our established partnerships include:

A broad range of Australian coal operations, including the largest local and international organisations’ sites, extending from underground and open cut mines through to conveying, loading and efficient discharge and loading at railhead and port. Projects have ranged from whole-of-plant to removal of bottlenecks and downtime.

Major iron ore operations, including mines and ports facilities where performance, throughput and reliability are essential to high volume production. Whole-of-process audits and progressive remedial operations have substantially improved mine cost-efficiencies and substantially increased port throughputs to achieve rapid ongoing ROI.

Gold, nickel, and specialised mineral operations locally and internationally, including operational throughput and optimised flow processes leading to improved recoveries, as well as environmental, safety compliance and production reliability improvements that have reduced downtime and labour-intensive and potentially hazardous repair.

Ports and ship loading facilities, including some of Australia’s largest operations, for which end-to-end process audits have been conducted and substantial and ongoing improvements in throughput and reliability achieved in service.