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Chute Technology a four-time finalist at the 2015 Mining Prospect Awards

Chute Technology has been highly successful this year, being selected four times as a finalist in the 2015 Mining Prospect Awards. Its materials handling technology that solves major dust and spillage issues was a finalist in both the environmental management category and the minerals processing category. Also a finalist in the minerals processing was the smooth flowing low-height transfer chute and the multidirectional chute.

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Chute Technology’s dust and spillage prevention technology solves major environmental issues while also boosting production

Dust and product spillage waste water and energy while creating environmental issues Ore and coal materials handling technologies that solve major dust and spillage problems while also boosting production are being advanced by the Chute Technology engineering group as a solution to issues increasingly confronting Australasian and international producers. Chute Technology packages – employing the…
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Bottlenecks ambush mine profits as producers set out to ramp up production

Blocked chutes pose a downtime and safety hazard in many mines seeking to step up production. A loss of production, clean-up cost and material handling hazards can result. Falling resource prices mean producers must step up production to survive and flourish. But some coal and iron ore producers are finding that their efforts to achieve…
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