Chute Technology named a Bulk Handling Awards finalist for its dust and spillage prevention technology

Identical coal transfers - but the one on the left in original condition and the one on the right retrofitted with a passive dust control system. The picture was taken using the same coal, on the same day with the same ambient air conditions. Coal throughput was more than doubled on the retrofitted transfer.

Mining technology innovator Chute Technology was named as finalist in the 2015 Australian Bulk Handling Awards, for its dust and spillage prevention technology that solves major environmental problems while also boosting production.

The awards, held at Doltone House on November 5th, recognised the most innovative, efficient and safe technologies in the bulk handling industry. The Chute Technology innovation recognised by these awards employs the best current technologies developed from proven installations in alumina, iron and other mineral ores and coal handling facilities at mines, energy plants and ports to tackle dust problems at their source rather than attempt to control dust after it has been created and dispersed into the atmosphere.

"It's a great feeling to be given this sort of recognition for the work that we're doing on plants in Australia and around the world," says Mr Tom Woods, one of the three Chute Technology principal partners.

Mr Dennis Pomfret, one of the other Chute Technology partners adds that "the same technologies can be applied globally to many different hard rock ore projects to address fugitive dust issues and widespread spillage hazards, with their cost, downtime and safety issues."

"Good designs such as these - either new or retrofitted - demonstrate that environmentally sensitive production need not necessarily come at a cost to output. I believe that's one the reasons we were selected as a finalist in these awards." he said.

"In fact, these chute improvement technologies have achieved major increases in production, exceeding 50 and even 80 per cent in some cases, while solving waste and spillage problems."

"Chute Technologies' packages are unique in that we have unified the best proven technologies that address dust and spillage issues and combined them into problem-solving packages that combine:

  • integrated advanced product flow analysis
  • 3D Discrete Element Method (DEM) design processes
  • and globally proven manufacturing services."

"The packages - which apply to completely new plants and problem areas within existing plants - deploy technologies whose availability and application may have been too fragmented or unmanageable and put into the too-hard basket."

"But now the environmental safety and profit waste issues raised by dust and spillage have placed these issues high on the industry agendas worldwide," says Mr Pomfret, whose Chute Technology partners experience encompasses Australia, Asia, Africa and the USA."

About the Chute Technology partners

The three Principal Partners in Chute Technology have combined experience of more than 80 years in a wide variety of resource industries including coal, iron ore, alumina and limestone across Australia, the USA, South America and South Africa. The technologies are also applicable to gold, nickel and other bulk minerals and ores.

TW Woods' services include specialised shaping, fabrication and welding technology for metals including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. These services are used by organizations such as Delta Energy, Incitec Pivot, water and waste water authorities, Integra Coal, Laing O'Rourke, Glencore and surface and underground mining companies.

Telford Engineering Solutions is a recognised multi-disciplined design and management organisation which has associated site services for project management and construction supervision. Telford Engineering Solutions' proven experience in materials handling projects across a number of industrial and resource sectors, provides innovative solutions and best practice techniques to consistently deliver three dimensional (3D) designs and drawing packages to a diverse range of engineering specifications with high levels of accuracy and clarity.

Dennis Pomfret Engineering holds patents on proven materials handling technologies. Value-adding services focused on by Chute Technology include increased tonnes per hour, more product delivered in a shorter time at lower OPEX; reduced wear rates, reduced consumables, labour and downtime; control of spillage, dust and clean-up, for a safer and safety compliant workplace and debottlenecking of conveyor systems by applying new technology to upgrades.

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